Lil's I-Spy

It's me! Lil!!
If you read Jim's 
By-Mistake Guide to Norfolk 
you'll think I hit him all the time
with a stick . 
Well, he is very annoying and you'd probably feel like hitting him
too. But I never manage to 
get him - he's too fast. 
In fact I am a very nice girl and kind to animals.

Adult seal: 10 points each
Baby seal: 100 points each!!! 
Our Score: 650 points

Grimes Graves:
10 points each time you run around a 'pit of doom'
Our score: 300 points

The church: 20 points
Our score: 20 points

Old & New Buckenham:
Newt in the pond: 50 points each
Our score: 50 points
10 points for each Dragon picture 
Our score: 50 points
Seal in the sea: 20 points
Seal in the sea while you're swimming: 50 points!
Our score: 70 points

Funghi Foray:
Stinkhorn: 30 points each
Our score: 300 points

Date of Felbrigg Hall: 40 points

Seeing a HUGE BLACK PANTHER!!!: 1000 points

Our score: 40 points

(or if you believe Jim: 1040 points)

When we're not fighting we sometimes play an 
I-Spy Game. 
We look for unusual things while 
we're out and about in Norfolk and we get points for finding them.
 On this page I've written down some 
of the things we found, and how many points we scored - so you can try to 
score points too!

Baby seal (something we did see): 100points

Buckenham Marshes:
Bird poo on head: 50 points!
Bird poo on other parts of body: 10 points
Our score: 50 points

Burgh Castle:
Marsh Harrier: 20 points
Hearing a Water Rail: 50 points
Our score: 70 points

The Pyramid: 20 points
Name of the man with the big marble tomb in the church: 20 points
Sad gravestone in churchyard: 50 points
Our score: 90 points

Caistor St Edmund Roman Fort
Graffiti in church porch: 20 points
Black dog (real or ghost!): 50 points
Our score: 70 points

50 points each for finding the names 'Shrimp', ' Boy Primo' and 'Pimpo' at the Henry Blogg Museum
Our score: 150 points

Castle Acre:
Picture of a large bird: 30 points
Name of the bird: 20 points
Name of the family who built the castle: 50 points
Our score: 100 points

Name of the man on the memorial column: 30 points
Walking out to the sea: 50 points
Our score: 30 points 

OUR TOTAL (not including ghost
 & panther spotting) 

= 2640 points

Check the list below before 
you go out and 
what your score is when you get back!!

Rabbit in hat (something we didn't see): 100O points!

Yellow snowdrop: 1000 points 
(but minus 1000 points if you trample on any snowdrops while you're looking!)
Our score: no points!!

The well: 10 points
Name of the family who built the castle: 50 points
Our score: 60 points

Sheringham Park:
Hearing the steam train: 20 points
Seeing the steam from 
the steam train: 30 points
Climbing up both look-out towers (and climbing down again, of course): 100 points
Our score: 120

Surlingham Wheatfen
Swallowtail butterfly: 100 points each
Chinese water deer: 50 points each
Heron: 20 points each
Swan: 10 points each
Our score: 240 points

Devil's Toe-Nail: 30 points
A ghost: 1000 points!!!!
Our score: definitely 1030!!
Stone that blocked the Dragon's burrow: 30 points
Skeleton windmill: 20 points
Our score: 50 points

Bird poo on head: 50 points!
Bird poo on other parts of body: 10 points
Our score: 50 points

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