How are Knots and King Canute connected?

You might have heard of King Canute. He was a Viking who became king of England in 1016. 

The famous story about him is that the people in his court treated him as if he were God and said he could even control the sea. Canute didn't think it was right for people to say that, so he took his throne down to the sea, and sat in it as the tide came in, shouting at the sea to 'go back!' - and ended up with very wet feet. This was his way of showing he was only human. 

In Scandinavia his name was pronounced 'Knud' or 'Knut'. The birds at Snettisham, called Knots, are named after him, because they can't control the sea either. That's why they fly up as the tide comes in, trying to keep their feet dry!