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Find out more about me and my sisters, Lil (violent) and Hannah (snooty)
I liked the idea of being a film director, but some of these clips didn’t work out how I meant them to…  
interesting things Jim ought to have written in his diary instead of writing about bacon sandwiches.  LIL'S I-SPY
See if you can spot some of the things we saw on our visits – and get as many points as me (I bet you can’t!!)

 My name's Jim and I'm the proud author of
The By-Mistake Guide to Norfolk.
I have to admit I did write it by mistake. 
I mean, I was awake and everything,
and I knew I was holding a pen -
but I thought I was writing a diary. 

Turns out it's a guide to Norfolk 
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Get your hands on The Guide and follow in my footsteps! 
Everything grown-ups need to know about: when places are open how to get there how much they cost where to find cake!